Techie Moment

Okay, so this is totally off topic.  But if this happens to me ~ it happens to others too.

When I am working I tend to use the same programs all day long.  For some reason I open my programs in the same order; Outlook first, internet explorer next and then my work program (Timberline).  This makes work flow much easier.  I know where my programs are in the taskbar so I don’t spend time looking for them to click on them.  This seems like a silly concept when I actually talk about it.  But the few seconds it can take to look for the program you are looking for can really add up over the course of a day, a week, a month.  Anything to make work flow easier is what I say.

Anyway, that brings me to a problem I run into sometimes.  I’m not quite sure why or how this happens, but periodically my programs on the taskbar will re-arrange themselves.  So just randomly today I decided to Google search this to see if there is a solution to putting them back in order instead of closing everything down and reopening them back in order.

Viola!  There is.  A program called Taskbar Shuffle.  You can get it at  It works just as they say it should.  Once it downloaded I had to click on it to “turn it on”, but I was able to drag my program tabs right where I wanted them in my taskbar.

Maybe this does qualify to be included in this blog.  It helps maintain efficiency, so therefore not wasting resources like time which in term conserves our personal energy by not having to work so hard.  :~)  Okay, so I know I’m using energy by being on the computer in the first place.  But hey ~ a girls got to make a living.  And until I can generate enough of a living from my garden and doing other things at home, the office job is where I gotta do it.

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2 responses to “Techie Moment

  1. You also could have just right clicked on the program and selected “pin to start menu” Then the programs would never move, unless you move them.

  2. thehippygardener

    hrmm…interesting. I don’t really see that as an option when I right click on any program. But maybe I’m just not clicking in the right place. I usually have “Lock the Taskbar” checked. Even when the programs are magically moved it’s still checked.

    It IS first thing in the morning, so I’ll give it a look around when I get to work so I’ll know where this option is the next time it happens. For now…the little program I downloaded makes switching around the program’s order really easy.

    Thanks for the comment. :~)

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