Mystery Plant Solved…

A few months back, okay maybe it was a year ago, I posted about a tropical plant that was growing in our yard when we moved in our house.  Well we moved it from where it was, which was right by the front door.  The new spot got way more shade.  And we really weren’t going to be broken hearted if it didn’t make it.  But we decided to not just compost it.  So we put it in the ground sort of under a bottle brush tree where it got part shade / part sun.

Mystery Plant 1

This morning I was sitting on the back porch with my mother-in-law and saw something strange peaking over the privacy fence.  So we decided to investigate.  What we then found out is very interesting indeed.

The plant is called Amorphophallus paeoniifolius.  Also known as Elephant Foot Yam or Corpse Flower.  Here’s what the flower looks like.


Well we missed seeing ours look like this exactly.  But it’s very apparent this is the flower.  Here’s what we just potted up in our back yard.

IMG_0669 IMG_0670

Apparently this is a very rare plant, even in it’s native home of India.  And we are in for a treat the next time it flowers too.  I’m reading that when it’s ready to be pollinated it smells of rotting flesh.  That’s so it will attract carrion loving flies & midges.  They come to the plant to investigate and little do they know, they are pollinating it.  It says that it doesn’t flower every year, which would explain why this is the first time in 2 years that we’ve seen the flower.

So what I’ve figured out is that the flower is the first to immerge from the ground and then it will be followed by the stalks and leaves as shown in the first picture above.  My son said when he dug it out of the ground it was just a green phallic looking thing.

I will definitely keep you updated as it grows.  Happy Gardening Y’all!!!


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