Friend or Foe

I believe this one is FOE for sure.  We were checking out all the new growth in the garden this morning and I noticed THIS on my Hoya plant:


Some sort of little yellow critters.  At first we thought aphids.  But I’ve never seen yellow aphids.  But that, of course, doesn’t mean they don’t come in yellow.  It wasn’t until I blew up the pic on the computer that I saw the little black legs on these guys.


So I quickly came inside to get a spray bottle to fill it with soapy water.  The one I found had water in it so I just added some of our biodegradable lavender dish soap to it and began spraying.  The Hubby noticed the smell at first ~ BLEACH!!!  Ick!  Who the heck put bleach in my spray bottle?!?!?!   Anyway, Hubby hose sprayed that off while I got a different spray bottle.  Hopefully the lavender dish soap will help to kill them.  If not, I guess I’ll just figure out exactly what they are and find a beneficial insect that will eat them.


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