Seeds, Seeds and More Seeds

So we’re jumping in now with all four feet.  (HAHA ~ there’s two of us.)  This morning I placed two orders for seeds.  I’ve been wrestling around with where I wanted to order from.  I’ve decided on Freedom Seeds and Seeds of Change.  Freedom Seeds just because I really want to support what our friends over at the Urban Homestead are doing.  Seeds of Change has free shipping on seed packs right now, so we took advantage of that.  Plus they are certified organic and are in no way connected to Monsanto, from everything I’ve read.

So what did I order?  Here’s the possibly ridiculously long list for starting out:

Freedom Seeds:
Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash
French Breakfast Radish
Dwarf Gray Sugar Snow Peas
Green Arrow Peas
Avenue Iceberg Lettuce
Lettuce Mix
Longfellow Cucumber
Celery (Leaf, cutting)
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
Ashworth Yellow Sweet Corn
De Cicco Broccoli
Chantenay, Red Core, Carrots

Seeds of Change:
Nasturtium Mix
Long Island Brussel Sprouts
Dinosaur Gourd
Red Iceberg Lettuce
Royal Acorn Winter Squash
Spaghetti Winter Squash
Sugar Baby Watermelon

Not all will be planted at once, of course.  But I think we are pretty ready for the summer and fall plantings. 

Now to get those raised beds ready.  Anybody got any wood lying around?  LOL!

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