A few of my favorite items to help you live greener!

Just to assure you, I am getting no benefits from sharing this information with you.  Other than knowing I’m doing the planet some good if you decide to give any of them a try.  But I find the following items to be VERY helpful. I’m trying to get away from using disposables or plastics as much as I can.  So I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite things.  Enjoy…




Soapstone Box with Two Fruit Fly Traps from Gardener’s Supply Company

Fruit Fly Soap Stone

Eco-Bags Re-usable Shopping Bags.  There are trips that we forget to take ours.  But when that happens we use the plastic to dispose of the kitty litter waste (looking into an alternative to that now), or I get the paper bags to shred for our worm composter.  It makes a good base to get your worms started.  Just add kitchen scraps, chopped up pretty small.

Eco-Shopping Bag Set

To-Go Ware.  I just got mine in the mail thanks to a nice 20% off coupon that I told you about previously.  This set is just as beautiful when you see the real thing as they look in the picture.  And the people there are super nice too.

To-Go Ware

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