Mother’s Day Wish List

Well, Mother’s Day is fast approaching.  And I’m not going to be able to make the trip up to see mine this year.  There’s just too much going on and I’ve extended myself too far to have the energy to make another trip up to Jacksonville.  So…

Mom ~ I hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day!

Now in case anyone is wondering what I might want for Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to post my wish list here.  I pretty much have an ongoing wish list that I keep up and I mark things off as I get them.  So anytime a holiday or birthday comes up that you feel you need to get something for us, you can check our list of needs right here on the blog.

Or maybe it will just give you some ideas for YOUR wish list.

So here’s my official Mother’s Day wish list complete with links for your convenience:

Wire Vegetable Harvest Basket 

Wire Vegetable Harvest Basket from Freedom Seeds.

Soil Block Maker

Soil Block Maker (4 blocks) from Freedom Seeds.

Newspaper Pot Maker

Newspaper Pot Maker from Freedom Seeds.

Hemp Twine

Hemp Twine (260 ft roll) from Freedom Seeds.

Deluxe Coldframe

Deluxe Cold Frame from Seeds of Change.

We are going to try to use a lot less electricity from now on.  Below are some items that will help us to switch from the electric appliances we now use.  I haven’t quite decided what I will do with the old appliances as we replace them.  If I want to save electricity is it a good idea to pass the appliances on to someone else so they can use the electricity?  Hrmm…I’ll have to think about that a while.

Food Mill

Food Mill from Seeds of Change.

Hanging Solar Food Dehydrator

Hanging Solar Food Dehydrator from Real Goods.

Biosta Sprouting Kit

Biosta Sprouting Kit from Real Goods.

Umbrella Clothes Dryer

Umbrella Clothes Dryer from Real Goods.

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