Teak Garden/Plant Potting Center

I love Craigslist!!  I have been coveting one of these puppies for years.  But to buy one new has just been out of my budget.  A few times a week I peruse Craigslist to see what I can find.  And to my wandering eyes did appear?  Exactly the sort of potting bench I’ve been craving.

The day we brought it home.


All stocked ~ at least how it will be for now.  Once I start working out there I may end up rearranging.  But for now, these pots are not stacked up in my screened porch any longer.


What features does it have, you ask?  Well for one it’s got this nice covered hole with a bin in it for catching dirt when repotting plants.


Drawers up top on one side for items that need to not be out in the weather.


Top shelf space on the other side.


Notice that on both sides the table has fold out sides that extend the working space.  You can see that a little closer in the next picture.


And my new “toy” even has a resting place now so it’s not floating where ever it ends up on the patio.


And to top it all off!  The woman I got this from was super cool.  I left with cuttings and hugs and what I hope to be a new friend.  It was a happy ending to my day.

I’ll get pics up soon of my cuttings.  I’m still in the process of getting them ready to put in pots to take root.  More on those later.

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One response to “Teak Garden/Plant Potting Center

  1. Hey! As always your work – yard and blog – looks great.

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