Continued…A New Home (sort of) For the Girls!

Here’s the 2nd box they have now.  I cut up an old baby blanket that belonged to a dog I used to have.  They will have several blankets out of it so I can rotate them for washing.


Here’s the new toys on the 2nd level.  Some of them may not end up staying there of course.  I’m sure they’ll get pushed or carried around.


This is the area above the 2nd level.  I added this bird perch and the ladder.  I now they can climb all over the bars of the cage.  But I don’t want them to be bored, so I gave them lots of variety.


Here’s a better view of the bird perch.  It’s a gnarly looking piece of wood.  I couldn’t resist it.


And finally the 3rd level.  Lots to chew on.  And the rope above hangs across the whole top of the cage.  Just something else for them to run across like rats like to do.  :~)


Tina again, checking things out.  I think she sniffed everything as I put it all in.  She particularly likes the boxes on the lower level.  I’m sure as Better gets more used to us she will come out to see everything more often.


That’s all for now.  I’m planning on including more about our critters in my Blogging.  They are, after all, part of our home and urban “farming”.

Happy Sunday to you all!  I’m off to run errands now.


4 responses to “Continued…A New Home (sort of) For the Girls!

  1. Cute, cute, cute! New babies are so much fun. I’ve not been around pet rats, but know they can be good, fun pets. Congrats on the additions to your fam. Oh! OUR fam!

  2. ohgatorbizzlex5

    I am so happy that you are Bette and Tina’s new mom! You made the cage amazing! I feel so much better knowing they are in such great hands 🙂 They both look so happy 🙂

    Brandie and Amber 🙂

  3. I would really like to see more close-up pics of the girls themselves. I can’t see them very well in the pics you’ve posted. I suppose they are camera shy…most pretty young girls are. (Except Marisa, of course.)

  4. thehippygardener

    I agree! I do need more close ups of the girls. They are vry difficult to get pics of. They move so quckly that so far the pics have just turned out with white blurs across them. I’m trying to figure out the settings in my little camera so maybe I can capture them moving a little easier. There will be more posts of them, I promise. 🙂

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