A New Home (sort of) For the Girls.

At least it’s a bunch of new stuff for their home.  I previously added a post about our new babies.  Well this morning I added a bunch of new stuff to their cage.  Here’s a pic of the whole cage now.


And now we’ll start with the bottom level.  The box down there was the first thing I added yesterday.  No rat home is complete without some sort of box.  They love to explore.


Close up.  I read that a brick is good to have in their cage to help keep their nails short and blunt.  I just so happened to have some spare bricks in the backyard.


It seems odd that such a processed food would be good for critters.  But this way they get all their nutrients.  In a mixed diet they tend to pick out what they like best, which does not give them all the different vitamins & minerals they need.  We will be also feeding them fresh food.  Basically, aside from just a few fresh foods, they can eat just about anything we eat.  I’ll post more later on what foods to NOT feed your ratties.


Okay, just a close up of the brick.  Yes that is a clean dog bone from the pet store.  It’s good to provide them a variety of things to chew on.  Also notice the TP roll there.  Things to shred are also a must for any rat habitat.


Here’s the promised pic of Tina.  She is the most social of the two.  She likes to sniff around and check out what I’m doing in her home.  And she sniffs me quite often too.  LOL!


I’m going to attempt to litter train them.  From what I’ve read you can litter train them just like you can a rabbit.  Here is Tina checking out the new box.


(to be continued…see post 2 of 2)


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