Earth Day Delights!!

Earth Day Coupons


Whole Foods now has these great lunch-sized reusable bags.  They are made of 80% recycled material.  They seem pretty tough.  I’ve gotten two of them so far.  Click on the picture or the link above it to get your coupon for a free one.

You will also find a coupon for 20% off To-Go Ware.  Here’s the one I ordered:

To-Go Ware

Made of bamboo and super cool.  The only draw-back is in order to use the coupon you have to order from the website.  I do realize that even when you purchase something at the store it was shipped.  But that is shipped in bulk.  This way they are shipping just one item to me.  But I’m just thinking of all the disposable eating utensils I will not need to use.  Plus I hate plastic.  The more of it I can get out of my life the better.

So click the link above to get your coupons.  You can use one coupon per day for the reusable lunch bags.  So get some for your friends as well.  Spread the love to everyone you know.


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