And I’m stuck indoors working.  I would much rather be out in my garden celebrating with my green friends.  Pulling weeds or planting more “babies”.  But since I can’t do all that I decided to go to our local health food store (Whole Foods) for lunch.  Yes, I know they get a lot of flack for some of their practices.  And I know people who will not shop there because of it.  But it’s my best alternative.  And it’s still better than the traditional grocery store.  So Whole Foods it is for me.

We already switched over all our light bulbs to CFL’s.  And we haven’t had to change one the whole 2 1/2 years we’ve been in our house.  We recycle all that the city will accept.  We compost all kitchen scraps.  We use all organic/natural cleaning supplies and garden products.  I simply can’t get away without driving though.  My job is in the next town over.  Riding a bike 40 miles on the freeway just wouldn’t work out too well.  So my goal for this evening is to go home.  Unplug from all things electrical.  And just relax outside.  Hand pluck any nasty critters I may find in my garden, water from the rain barrel and hopefully watch the birds who come to the feeder and bath.

I hope you all do something for the earth today.  She IS the only one we’ve got ~ after all.  And whatever you do I hope you have fun while you’re at it!

Feel free to share in the comments how you will celebrate today.


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