Pondering mulches

Last year we used Cypress Mulch for everything. Well, now we found out that it’s not a good thing to use. They are tearing down our Cypress trees to give us all that mulch. So this year we’ve been trying to decide what to use.

First I put in a bunch of pine bark chips. I now have decided that I do NOT like that at all. It dries out way too easily and then when it’s windy out it blows all over the yard. Not a good thing for mulch to be doing.

So I decided to pay a little extra and give the Eucalyptus mulch a try. I chose the mulch instead of the chips. You can see it in the pics on the right side next to the Pine Bark mulch. It stays put and holds much more water too. And a bonus is that it’s softer to walk on.


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