Friend or Foe?

Well we woke up this Saturday morning and had our work cut out for us. This harmless looking storage closet doesn’t look like terribly much. But it is super heavy.
And now it’s gone completely. WOOHOO! I offered it on Craigslist and a guy and his son came at 7:30 this morning to take it away. I should have taken pics of the process, but I didn’t want to make total strangers uncomfortable. They had it tilted on it’s side and were using a wheel barrow as a dolly. It was quite a sight.
So in surveying the mess that was under the shed I moved a plant base that was sitting under it. And what did I find?

A beautiful friend. He was roughly 1 1/2 feet long and quite shy. I didn’t have any clue what he was until I took a pic and come running in to the laptop. He looks to me to be a Corn Snake. At least from what I can tell by the bad pics online. He was naturally freaking out when I uncovered him. He quickly started looking for his exit. So we sat and watched as he very gracefully slithered away.


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