A peaceful place to rest

Well here’s the patio all freshly cleaned up. If you saw my Facebook pics you’ll already know what’s going to happen here. But in case you didn’t….

The wooden structure you see here is going to be the support for the Honeysuckle Vine I purchased a couple of week ago. It’s planted on the right side and will wind up and over the top. The left post will support the Passion Flower Vine. Last year that didn’t make it all the way to the top because the butterfly catapillars really enjoyed the leaves. But it was worth it because then we had a ton of beautiful orange butterflies flutter about all summer long. Notice I have a bird feeder hanging there too. It’s got cracked sunflower seeds, so I’m hoping with that and the water source we will get lots of Cardinales.

Thisis the view you get when walking out the screen door. I’m so happy with all the new space we have out there now.
Here’s where the giant box used to sit. Also, where I found the snake this morning.

And here’s that peaceful resting place.

With a place for the butts. Just for the record ~ we do NOT smoke. But we have many friends who do, so I put this together so I won’t have to pick up other people’s butts. Because no matter how hard you try to get people to clean them up after themselves, some butts always end up everywhere.


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