All tucked in

Well, here’s the herb garden all tucked in. Featuring Kwan Yuen finally in her place. Everything looks so small and there will be more added along and along. I’m not sure how much I like the Pine Bark mulch. It doens’t look quite as bad after we got it all down, but I’m still torn. The chunks are quite large. But we decided that Cypress mulch isn’t that sustainable, so we are checking out alternatives. What do YOU think about it?
English Thyme

Butterfly Bush a.k.a. Buddleja davidii sits sortof behind Kwan Yuen. At least based on the direction she is facing. But in the bed she is to the side. If that makes any sense at all.


This is the Tea Olive, not in the same bed showing above, but close to it. I could smell it whenever the wind blew, so I wanted to still include it here.

AND I had some unexpected help. She’s decided that she likes pulling weeds. What a nice helper to have around. Does anyone else out there like pulling weeds?

“Yeah, yeah, yeah ~ I got busted actually enjoying doing something “gardening”! LOL”


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