A rainy morning

YIPPEE FOR RAIN!! It’s finally come to Lakeland!! It started sometime during the night and it’s still pretty wet outside. Can you see the rain hitting the table here?:

I decided that I just need to kill the grass/weeds that are growing right here off the patio. There are some stepping stones under there right now, but they are half covered by the wicked crab grass. So this pond liner should serve well to kill everything. I will probably plant some Corsican Mint between the stepping stones when it’s all cleared out.

Here’s a couple of pics from the major trip to Kerby’s yesterday. Even though I went with a list, it was still difficult to make a decision on what to actually get. There’s just so much that I want to do. It’s hard to keep the focus on one area.

Black Beauty Butterly Bush

Tea Olive a.k.a. Osmanthus fragrans

My flower child. She really likes the Tea Olive. LOL!

More Thyme, Elfin Creeping


Large Red Cherry Tomatoes


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