More lunch time goodies

If you haven’t noticed I have a huge weakness for green, living things. Especially in the spring time. I made another trip to Kerby’s nursery during lunch thinking I would just take a look and not buy, since I’m going there tomorrow with specific purchases in mind. Well, of course that didn’t work out too well for me. I saw that they had one of my favorite mints that they didn’t have earlier in the week. So here is what I got today:

I bought three of them. I will want three anyway where I’m going to place them. So why not go ahead and get all three. They ARE only $2.99 after all.
Lemon Balm

And finally the beloved Chocolate Mint. I wish I could package up the scent and post it here too. But I assure you it smells just like the name implies.

And while I was there I got to talking to the coolest guy that works there. His name is Adam. I like getting to know the people who work at my favorite places. Adam was telling me that they offer free landscape design ideas. I can just set up an appointment and come in with pictures and measurements and they will help me design either a small garden bed or the whole yard. Free of charge and with no obligation. So, of course, I will have to do that. I have my own ideas of what I want to do. But that will just be a fun way to get even more ideas while getting to know the wonderful people there.

Oh how I dream of working in that sort of environment. Being out doors and getting to play with plants all day AND helping other people with their gardening needs. I would come home with at least one plant or more everyday, I’m afraid. Hrmm, would that really be a good idea? Would I be able to have enough of my paycheck left over to actually pay my bills? It’s hard to say.


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