What’s flourishing in our back yard

Here’s what’s doing good and made it through the crazy cold and dry winter we had down here.
Grapefruit, it’s short (maybe hitting my waist height) but it’s super happy right now.
A Japanese Fig I got from my Grandma last year. It was so tiny when we put it in the ground. But now it’s starting to actually get some decent size to it.
Below are two varieties of Jasmine. One of my favorite flower scents. That and Gardenia, which you’ve already seen in a previous post that I put near our front door. Visitors will soon walk up to our door and be greeted by yummy-ness. Anyway, I cannot think at this minute what Jasmines these are. I will update this post when I look them up.

And one not so happy fella. Sadly the banana did not make it through the very last frost we had, even though we covered it up with a nice cozy blanket. I thought it might come back but it seems that will not be happening. I’ll just have to break down and get another.


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