Rain Barrell

Here’s our installed Rain Barrell. This sits right next to the space that will be our veggie garden. I will be attaching a soaker hose to this and winding it through the veggie garden. I’m hopeing that at least a good part of our watering can come from this barrell.
I took a rain barrel workshop at our county extension office and the barrell came with the class. I think the whole thing cost me $20 for the barrell, a snack and educational material. In addition to meeting some cool master gardeners local to our area who shared their knowledge with all who attended.
I had to buy this extra flexible down spout piece. And Chris drilled out the hole in the top of the barrell lid. The screen came with the workshop. Basically it just keeps foreign objects from getting into the water supply.
The spout was installed at the end of the workshop. They just drilled a hole for us and used some PVC glue to hold the spout in. We don’t have the soaker hose connected yet, so Chris added this hose piece to help with getting the water in the watering can so we don’t waste any water.


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