Garden potentials…

So here is the veggie garden area. We did some work to it this evening after running out of proper pic taking light. The black tarp is now taken up and we turned over all the dirt and added fertilizer. Then, of course, watered it in. We are truly ready to start planting now. Just need some veggie plants to put in.

OH! And that is Jasmine there growing up the trellis. Our hope is for it to grow to completely cover the old wooden fence section. For some reason when the previous owner refenced the yard in he left the front two corners the old wood. Of course, this one WAS behind the old shed that was here. But still, silly to do the job half-assed. It will actually be easier for the Jasmine to grow on being wood though.

This is a tiny little speck of dirt(sand) that is next to our porch door in the back. Currently I have some not so happy aloe, a couple of cacti and some piggy-back plants in right now. I really want something different here. It’s difficult to water the area because the water just pools up on top of the sand. Which in turn just maks a mess on the patio. Maybe I’ll think about taking out a bunch of the sand and add top soil to it. That would permit some reall pretty flowers to go in there. Hrmm….something to think about.
Close-up view of Buddha sittin there. I really hate the pavers that make up the patio. The previous owners thought it would be a good idea to paint everything to match the house. That really is a hideous shade of pink. It wouldn’t be so bad, I think, if EVERYTHING was not that same color. In the back yard it just feels like bubble gum exploded everywhere. Anyway, my dear little Buddha will eventually move to another spot in a garden area. But that may also depend on what sort of flowers I can add to this spot. He may just like some new foliage for company.

This is the area that is becoming our herb garden. Kwan Yuen will sit a little off center surrounded by herbs and mints and probably some veggies eventually. I’ll work on this over the weekend after purchasing triplicates of the herbs I bought a couple of days ago. Oh ~ and I’ll need some mulch too.

The following is a sad corner of the yard that my son was going to call his own. None of the garden hoses reach to the area really well. And now he’s admitting to himself that he thinks he has a brown thumb. I’m going to clean it up and make it our mint section. I need a new garden hose for the back anyway, so I’ll get an extra long one to make sure it reaches.

View of the area from just in front of the herb garden. That hideous shed just to the right will hopefully be gone this fall. I just need to figure out what to do with the Jasmine growing on it. I don’t want to lose that.

And finally, this is the area under my daughter’s window and just beside the screened porch. It gets shade most of the day until late in the afternoon. Here’s what we’ve tried so far: I put in a couple of gardenias and hastas last year that failed miserably. I need to add soil to the area. But the African Irises are doing okay there. I really want something that smells good planted here. Right at that part of the screened porch is our sitting area. It would be so lovely to have sweet smells abounding.

Just barely to the left of the same area. Just added this one as a reference for the entire space here.

I’m open to ideas if anyone thinks of anything. Feel free to comment or contact me anytime. I love to hear what other people think. I know my yard is not that pretty right now. But we have big plans for it as our budget permits. And the best part about it is ~ IT’S OURS!!!!!!! YAY!


5 responses to “Garden potentials…

  1. Do you still have that desert rose (I’m not sure if that’s the right name, but I think you’ll know what I mean)? Can you take a pic of it? I would love to see it again.

  2. What’s a cat garden?

  3. Sadly ~ Desert Rose did not make it through the freezes we had this year.

    As for the cat garden question:
    Basically you put out plants that cats like as well as other cat friendly features. A sand area, sort of like a zen garden, is something that cats can “dig” in. Putting out things for them to climb on. Basically just designating an area and fill it will fun things to attract the cats to that area as opposed to other areas in the yard.

  4. If you need to add soil under that tree, will it be piled up on your wall? You can put a header in to keep the soil and termites off the wall…

  5. I wasnt’t planning on adding enough soil for it to pile up on the house or tree there. It really only needs a bit to make it a little more plant friendly. But I’ll look into the header idea just in case I find I do need it. Thanks.

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