Lunch Time Trip to a Nursery…

I found a quaint little nursery down the road from my work place. Here was my view upon entering:

And here’s my box of goodies I purchased:
The first is an ornamental peanut. Chris and I have been reading about “lawn” alternatives. This seems to be the best options for our area. Or at least it’s the one we like the best. Here’s the sign at the nursery for it:

And here’s the peanut I bought. I’m starting out with just one for now. I plan on going back to the nursery this Saturday. So maybe I’ll pick up a couple more. Just to see how we do at keeping it alive in the back yard.

This is creeping Rosemary.

And an upright Rosemary. As you can see I have an obsession with Rosemary. We have a large bush by our front door. These will go in the new herb garden in the back yard. Pics of that to come.

A Corsican Mint:


English Thyme:

Lemon Thyme. I realize in the pics that these look very similar. Not so close up there are differences.

Silver Edge Thyme (I’m slowly acquiring an obsession for Thyme as well):

I didn’t purchase this next one. But I thought the Lady Slippers were so beautiful. I just had to snap a pic of one. I may end up getting some, but right now I don’t have a shade area that is all ready for this sort of thing.

I also purchased the most feeble looking bail of pine straw I’ve ever seen. She said the cost was $5.99 a bail. So I thought “Great! That’ll be a nice bail!” Then I saw it. Maybe it’s just me, but when I was in N.C. we would get nice big bails of straw to use as mulch. I’m not living in Florida, where pine trees are abundant. And I get a tiny little bail of pine straw WITH STICKS IN IT!!!! Sad, very sad. I don’t even have a pic right now of it. It’s in the back of my Rodeo. It should be enough just for the gardenia I bought a couple of weekends ago.


One response to “Lunch Time Trip to a Nursery…

  1. OMG that is fabulous. The nursery is ‘quaint,’ and your pics of the plants you got are really good. I dig it!

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