Time for spring cleaning.

We spent our Sunday working in the front yard a little.

We’ve got a lot of crab grass to get out of our yard. We cleared off some of it from around this bush. But as you can see there is still so much more from this one area to pull up. The good news is it’s really easy to pull up in the state it’s in now. I’m hoping we can get the bulk of it up before it starts to green up again.

The Pomegranite puts off some really pretty flowers.

Bad fruit. It’s been so dry lately. Now that the weather is getting warmer I can actually stand to be outside to get everything watered. Hopefully the pomegranite will do a little better this year. I bought some soaker hoses to put in all the beds. It’s just more sustainable than using the sprinkler system. And we have so much work todo to the sprinkler system that we just can’t afford right now.

The cat’s view of the front walk. :~)

One evening last week we edged this side of the driveway.

Here’s the other side. Obviously NOT edged yet. This is basically what the other side looked like.


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