Only two days and…..

I have sprouts!!!! The bigger ones there on the left are Mammoth Sunflowers. Then beside that going right is bibb lettuce, cucumber and the cilantro is just barely starting to sprout. I’m so excited!
I’ve also got some herbs sprouting too, I’ll get some pics of those later today. Had kind of a busy evening yesterday. I’ll be gone this weekend so I won’t be able to do much around the house. But then I don’t have to travel for two whole weekends. I’ll be able to do some spring cleaning AND work in the yard.

5 responses to “Only two days and…..

  1. This looks great! I’m so excited about your sprouts. I love sunflowers.

  2. I have a hard time growing and keeping alive my Cilantro. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. This is my first endeavor on growning veggies and most herbs. I have a huge rosemary bush by my front door that we planted a couple of years ago. But I’m new to cilantro. I’ll keep you posted here on how it does though. :~)

  4. Just found this post on cilantro at You Grow Girl’s forum and thought I’d share it:

  5. Thank you so much! I’ll go check it out!

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