Back in the swing of things…

Ok, so since my last post I’ve had surgery, got married, burried my Grandfather, dealt with the holidays and family issues. But all that aside….
IT’S ALMOST SPRING!!!! And just this weekend (yesterday to be exact) I started planting. Check this out: a gardenia bush and two irises. It’s not mulched yet as I’m still trying to decide which type of mulch I want to use now. I’ve learned that cypress mulch is not the most sustainable to use.
I’m so excited. This section of the yard has been barren for some time. This will be my first focus. Except for the veggie garden, of course. Here’s a bad pic of the little seed tray “green houses” I started (garlic chives, common chives, carrot, mammoth sunflower, bibb lettuce, cucumber, cilantro, onion, common thyme):

And the fresh herb plants I picked up as well:

So it was a pretty good weekend. The pics aren’t that great since I took them with my phone. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my seedlings. As well as take some better pics actually using my camera instead of phone.

More to come….

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