Wonderful Florida Rains

The rainy season has been here all July so far. Actually it stared in June. We took some of it up to North Carolina with us during the 4th and broke the drought they had been having. Most of the time it starts raining after 3:00 in the afternoon. Typical Florida rains. But this week it’s been rainy in the mornings too. My garden is loving it as am I. Well, I don’ t have much planted in my garden right yet, but everywhere that has plants is so happy now. Especially the weeds. I’m looking for a nice little letter from my Homeowner’s Assocaition any day now telling me to pull the weeds. But I just can’t keep up with them. Plus when I get home it’s raining all evening. I’m just not going out there to pull weeds while it’s lightening outside. They will have to deal. And the 10-Day forcast shows ~ you guessed it ~ more scattered thunderstorms!! I think it’s wonderful. I can hardly keep from going out in the screened porch when it rains. The Pomegranate Bush is growing like crazy. And I can practically sit and watch the Lantana grow as well as the Passion Flower vine. After such a terrible drought, it’s the most refreshing thing in the world to get all this wonderful rain. I’ll see how some pics turn out of the rain in my yard later on. Have fun and try real hard to keep your feet wet! :o)

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