Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

Want to know more about Monsanto? This post is take from the Organic Consumer Associations website listed as Monsanto Facts Everyone Should Know

“Here are the Facts:

If you’re talking about:
Persecuting Small Family Farmers,
Bovine Growth Hormone,
PCBs, Agent Orange,
Poisoning the Third World,
Roundup Pesticide,
Water Privatization,
Genetically Engineered Crops,
or Farm Bankruptcies,
you’re talking about the Monsanto Corporation.”

Click on this posts title to go directly to the petition against Monsanto. (hopefully all the links work, I will fix if not)

Personally I find it very scary that one company would try to rull over all seeds in the world. They want to own them all! Have legal rights to all of it! Did you know that they even tried to patent a pig?!?! Click here to read about it.


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