Random morning shots of the back yard

It was such a nice morning I decided to go out and get some random shots. This is the garden area after we got it all filled in with the new top soil.

I planted the jasmine plant in the corner to cover up the hideous wooden fence. We decided to cover the whole area with plastic (a pond liner to be exact) to keep the weeds at bay until we are ready to plant anything.

This is the area that we covered in newspaper (see previous post) and then top soil. As you can see, we left for a long holiday weekend and a few weeds are shooting up through the coverage. We’ll just need to pull away the dirt and add more layers of newspaper. Now to get more newspaper.

Our county extension office holds homeowner workshops, here is the compost bin that Chris came home with from the Compost Happens workshop. This one was actually one that the next county over (Hillsborough Cty) held. I will be going to our county’s (Polk) workshop in September, so we both get a hands on experience from the workshop and we’ll end up with two compost bins. Polk Cty gives a little better bin, but this one will certainly do what it’s intended to do.

This is the corner where we will be putting the above referrenced bin. After a little clean up that is.


One response to “Random morning shots of the back yard

  1. What a fabulous blog! Everything looks so nice in your yard and house. I didn’t know you had The Urban Homestead. Maybe you’ll let me look at it. You inspire me!

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