I got this fabulous book through after following Gayla’s “You Grow Girl” blog for a while. It has become my favorite gardening book, along with another one shown below. She has lots of concise juicy details on how to start gardening with flowers, veggies, plants, etc…

So here’s the first project that I decided to make from her book. It’s a gardening apron, in case you couldn’t tell from the pic.

So here’s the material that I found to use to make mne. I don’t know if you can tell, but the orangy looking one is actually an orangy/red color with very subtle stripes. The brown ribbon with be what ties it around my waste.

Here’s my other favorite book. You can view their Homegrown Evolution blog to see what they are all about.

I know it’s kind of a blurry pic, but this is the first project we’ve decided to make out of this book. It’s a worm composting bin a.k.a. vermicompost. You do it very similiarly to a regular compost bin, except it stays in the shade and you have red worms in it. They cannot get out, and they really won’t want to as long as you keep it just right. I’ll post pics while we are making it and the finished bin. All you need are two rubbermaid type plastic bins, 4 wooden blocks or bricks and something to drill holes in it with. Easy as pie!

There will be many more projects that we will be making at home. But this is a great start. Check back for the next thing we will be working on….

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