More random shots

The rosemary bush right outside my front door garden. Rosemary is for remembrance. And it also wards off evil spirits. Well, those are two of the old wive’s tales that I know about it. I know this for sure ~ it sure tastes good on just about anything. AND…you can make a tea out of it and use it for an after bath rince on your critters to chase away fleas. It works ~ I’ve done it.

A pot of spearmint. All you have to do is touch it to spell it’s wonderful aroma. And it makes a great tea, or just add a sprig to almost any drink. I ended up with some in my coffee thormos when coming back home from the mountains. And that was some tasty coffee. So instead of adding this spearmint plant to the garden we decided, since it is so invasive, to just pot it up in the largest pot we had. I’m thinking it will go into the gound somewhere and at some point, we just haven’t figured that out just yet. We will probably get some landscape edging that will burry pretty deep into the ground to hopefully keep it in it’s eventual spot.

My dad gave us a Passion Flower Vine last year and boy does it like to spread like crazy. This vine came up between the cracks of our back patio. So we just let it grow over a pot that had a dead ficus tree in it. We will be transplanting it soon to a trellis on the back fence. But for now, it seems to be happy here. It will look much healthier and happy when I get it moved to the trellis though.

This is the catapillars that eat the Passion Flower vine. By the time they are done with the vine it just looks like leafless twigs, but then we have the beautiful butterflies. I will TRY to get a pic of them when they arrive, but I can’t promise how easy that will be.

My dear Buddha statue where he sits next to my aloe plant.

Time to do some major tidying up on the patio and back yard. Chris isn’t too good at mowing right when it needs to be mowed. Which could be why we’ve been invaded by fleas so badly. My poor Shilo isn’t happy about that at all. But it also makes the weeds difficult to control since they all come to seed heads before he mows Oh well, he works hard so I’m really not compaining. I love what he does do arond here. Usually if I just ask he’ll jump right up and do it. :o)


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