Speaking of trips…

We went to Cali a while back. (Two years ago this September maybe?) Anyway, this first pic is a little blurry (I don’t know why), but you can see that we went to the Great Sequoia Forest. Those are some amazing trees I’m here to tell ya.

Here’s one that was cut down or fell down long ago. Obviously it’s been sawed up at some point. But I just don’t remember if man or nature got it to the ground.

Here’s standing a few feet away from the base of the tree.

Back in the day people would cut tunnels through the tree trunks so you could drive a vehicle through it. Obvisously they had MUCH smaller vehicles. But it’s so sad, because what they were doing was killing the poor Sequoias. Just above this pic there is not really much tree up there. Just a very tall wide stump.

This is what they look like when they fall naturally. Apparently they have very shallow root systems for how big they get.


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