AH! The mountains of North Carolina

Home to my heart!
We left the evening of July 3rd for the wonderful 11 hour trip to get there. Well, after following directions that we printed off of a maps program, I won’t mention which one (microsof) we got lost at 4:00am in the middle of a nowhere South Carolina town. After a little panicking and hoping that we weren’t going to run out of gas in a “nowhere” town with no gas stations open, we finally came upon a Waffle House. The nice young people there pointed us to the highway we ultimately needed to be on and we were there within the hour. But talk about a scare. 4:00 am is NOT a good time to get lost in the middle of a strange land.

The view from sitting on the back porch. That’s “SHED” there to the right.

The rebar Rose Bush tree

Back to the “real” world on Monday. We made much better time getting home. Only 7 hours to Jacksonville, FL to pick up our poochie, then 3 hours back home from there. It was pretty much a 12 hour drive to get there.


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