Back Yard Progress ~ Dirt

Yesterday we had this dirt delivered for our garden we are putting in. The shed that was beside out patio we tore down last fall with the hopes of putting a garden in there. When we got the shed gone we realized that we needed to bring the ground level up a bit with top soil (and also to make our sandy area better suited for veggies). Well, here’s the dirt pile. Isn’t it beautiful?! Nice dark rich looking soil. Now the moving it starts…
We bought a lovely new wheelbarrow to help us with the task. It’s never ending the tools you have to keep getting when you are a homeowner. Maybe we’ll have all we need someday.

Here is the garden area all filled in. We will be planting a jasmine vine to cover the hideous wooden fence. The previous homeowner replaced all but this corner (and the other side with the gate) of the wooden fence with nice new vinyl fencing. But I guess he didn’t want to disturb the shed so he left this part of it. Sorry about the shiny new wheelbarrow being in the way. I’ll update a better pic soon.

We have so much dirt we decided to put down newspaper to kill the grass/weeds along the screened porch and add a new bed over there. Here is the progress of that…

Gotta break for the funnies

Not finished yet, but unfortunately we have to work so to be continued. I’ll post the finished pic when we get there.


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