First Post ~ Front Yard

I’ve decided after lurking around at other people’s blogs for a while now that I should start my own. I’m thinking mostly for my garden journaling. But I will also be including posts on our transition to all organic and sustainable living. I’ve been so inspired by the Florida gardening blogs that I’ve been following that I just could not resist starting my own. So here goes…
So here’s the front of our house when we bought it two years ago. I know it’s not a close up of the front gardening, but it gives the idea. Notice the huge established plants everywhere. These were junipers: uprights and low growers that were just allowed to over grow. There were also quite large Nandinas that had to go. And on the left side, that’s a huge cedar.

I got ticked on weekend and tied a rope to the back of my SUV and yanked all the huge plants/trees out of the front. It took the good part of the day and let me tell you it was a site for the new neighbors. But here’s what I ended up with after putting in some new landscape plants. I will talk about individual plants later on. (yes I realize there are shadows of seahorses on the pillars, they WILL be painted over soon. The house will not be pink forever I assure you!)

(This last one gets better, watch for updates. This is the last Nandina plant that by now has come out.)

That was all two summers ago. I will get this updated with all that we did up to now.

More to come…


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